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Brussels Team

EAVI is run by a dynamic team based in Brussels. We also have many experts, volunteers and individuals who collaborate with EAVI on a project-by-project basis. Our core Brussels team ensures the smooth running of daily activities.

Paolo Celot
Paolo CelotFounding Member and Secretary General
Paolo has accumulated considerable international experience in the media over two decades. He has extensive experience in the media public and private broadcast media industry in London, Milan and Brussels, working with the BBC, RAI and the EBU, as well as television advertising agencies and various public institutions.
Paolo is an economist from Pisa University and a European affairs advisor specialised in the media sector. He is an expert on media literacy, working with the European Commission and the Council of Europe Steering Commitee on Media and Information Society.

Paolo has authored many books and studies, delivered presentations and contributed to publications on media and citizenship-related issues in four different languages. He remains interested by the challenges posed by emerging media forms and issues relating to media literacy and European public spheres.

Luc Steinberg
Luc SteinbergMedia and Project Officer
Luc has worked in policy and communications for Australian non-government organisations and is experienced in web development, graphic design, communications, research and copywriting and has written for several online publications as well producing his own weekly radio show.

He has a bachleor’s degree in geography and environmental studies from Adelaide University and a postgraduate degree in media and communications from Swinburne University of Technology.