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International Conferences

paolo-celot-conference-photo1The International EAVI Conferences bring together interest groups, local, national and trans-national bodies, media industry representatives, civil society organisations, academic institutions and individuals to discuss the most pressing issues relating to media literacy today, and how best to meet the challenges of the current media environment.

The International EAVI Conferences are usually held at national parliament houses, in order to ensure high visibility and encourage participation with EU representatives and members of international institutions.

EAVI is also invited to contribute to three International Institutions Expert Groups;

  • The Council of Europe Steering Committee of Media and Information Society;
  • European Commission Media Literacy Expert Group; and
  • European Commission Group on Active Citizenship.

Each Experts Group meets regularly either in Brussels or Strasbourg.

  • Media Literacy for Full Citizenship, European Parliament, June 22nd, 2016
  • EAVI IV International Conference: Media, Education and Citizens 6-7 December, 2011 – Budapest, EU Hungarian Presidency

  • EAVI III International Conference: Citizens’ Participation to Public Life through theMedia 24-25 November 2009 – Madrid, Senate House

  • EAVI II International Conference: Media Literacy5 November 2008 – Rome, Italian Parliament

  • EAVI I Launching Conference: Advancing the European Viewers Interests -Participation, Media Accountability and Media Literacy 22-23 October 2004 – Lucca

Steering Group Meeting of Media and Information Society – Council of Europe – 1-2 December 2016, Strasbourg

  • Regulatory asymmetries: video sharing, on demand services – European Audiovisual Observatory – 12 December 2016, Strasbourg

  • Media Literacy Expert Group – European Commission –