Media Literacy for Full Citizenship | Our Debate at the European Parliament

Media Literacy for Full Citizenship: Conference and Debate at the European Parliament, 22nd June 2016

“Investing in media literacy means investing in people. There is no better investment Europe can make”.

This was the message delivered by EAVI’s secretary general, Paolo Celot at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wed 22nd June.

Europe has been at the forefront of promoting ML and, while tangible results have been achieved in the past, it is necessary to continue in this direction with regards to policy and EU funding.

Member of European Parliament Isabella Adinolfi was present on the panel and has been a passionate supporter of media literacy, having secured a €250,000 budget for media literacy pilot projects.

Journalist, Louise Bartlett spoke about the creation of the platform in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris and the importance of journalists speaking to young people about their profession.

The conference was organised by the European Association for Viewers Interests and the Alliance Internationale de Journalistes (AIJ) and moderated by AIJ’s Giovanni Melogli. We were also joined by Lorena Boix Alonso, Head of Unit – Converging Media and Content at the European Commission, who spoke on the Commission’s efforts to support media literacy in Europe.

The conference was successful at bringing media literacy policy and funding issues back into the spotlight in Europe.

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