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Project Description

The Secret Agent’s Guide to Protecting your Phone Privacy

TL:DR (Too Long: Didn’t Read) is EAVI’s series of simple guides to navigating the media landscape. The tips herein are intended to be a guide for users of these platforms who wish to exercise some power over their data and personal information and stay stealthy …like a secret agent!

Each selected social media platform contains four sets of instructions:

  • Ads Settings – To prevent your accounts from being tracked
  • Two-Factor Authentication – To prevent your accounts from being accessed by thieves or hackers
  • Blocking – To block people, ads or report inappropriate posts
  • Tips – A few extra tips to help tighten up your privacy

The phone section is contains settings for Ads, Screen Lock, Location Services and Encryption. Most of the settings are intended for Android users, as they make up around 85% of smartphone users, but there are some settings for iPhone users as well.

The following guide to protecting your phone is perhaps the most important one to follow. It is intended for Android users as Android phones are by far the most popular phones, however there are some settings included for iPhone users too








Ads Settings

iPhone or iPad

  • Go to your phone’s settings Settings
  • Tap Privacy
  • Select Advertising
  • Turn on Limit Ad Tracking


  • Go to Google Settings
  • Tap Ads
  • Tap Opt out of interest-based ads
  • Hit OK

For more on online behavioural advertising in the EU see the website of the European Digital Advertising Alliance where you can opt out of certain ad settings.


Screen Lock

  • Go to your phone’s Settings
  • Tap Security
  • Select Screen Security
  • Choose type of lock; we recommend Pin or Password over Pattern, as it is relatively easy for other people to see you enter a pattern
  • Make you sure you choose something you can remember


Location Services


  • Go to your phone’s Settings 
  • Under Personal select Location