New Project: My Story | Migration and Media


EAVI and partners are happy to announce that we have been successful in our Europe for Citizens project application, titled My Story – Media and Migrants.

EAVI, in Belgium, will act as project coordinators to the project working with organisations in France, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece and Italy.

The project will reflect on the ways in which mainstream media shapes citizens’ perceptions of migrants and refugees in Europe. We aim to encourage citizen participation and discourse whilst combatting stigmatisation through dissecting mainstream media messages.

Working together we will equipe each other with the necessary skills in media literacy principles, to utilise the media effectively and create content to provide a crucial counter-narrative. We hope to raise awareness on the ethical dimensions of portraying marginalised communities and expect that our efforts will help shape media policy in Europe.

EAVI look forward to sharing our project’s milestones and outputs with the wider community.

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